What I did to land a full-time job in my field for post-graduation

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College has taught me a lot of life lessons. Learning the harsh truth of not finding a career in my field was slowly becoming my reality. Until I took time to stop and reevaluate my college experience. Not going to lie — I enjoyed my college experience. Went to parties, on-campus events, traveled, etc. I was still always on top of my work, 3.5 GPA, but life after college was slowly slipping my mind.

It was summer 2020, a rising senior. I had an internship that summer — I’ll talk about how I got that too, but I decided that…

The infamous debate of 800 credit score vs. $20 Million

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The question of would you rather a 800 credit score or $20 million has been the trending topic for the past few days. There are many factors that goes into making this decision, but the obvious answer for is the $20 million.

I’ve been looking at the responses on different social media platforms and both sides give pretty compelling arguments. However, I still can’t justify for, myself, not picking the millions of dollars. Here’s why:

Build your credit with the money

I spoke on credit in one of my most recent articles and I touched on the main focus which is — creditors and credit bureaus…

Sometimes it’s just the little things that matter

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My relationship is now going on 5 years — I’ve learned so much being in this 5 year relationship. Let’s face it, now more than ever the little things matter. Being in quarantine has tested a lot of relationships. Don’t let it test yours!

Its safe to say we should all expect the basic big characteristics of a relationship — trust, compassion, loyalty, love, friendship, honesty, etc. Some may argue that is enough. I disagree. We can almost automatically assume that those are characteristics we expect from others. …

4 things you can do to improve your credit score today.

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When the topic of finances come up, you usually hear questions such as “how can I save money?” or “how can I make passive income?”. Don’t get me wrong, those are great questions to ask, but credit sometimes takes a back burner. Once you get to a certain point in your life, you start to realize how important credit is. Whether its applying for a store credit card or purchasing your first apartment.

Credit is extremely important.

Whether you’re just starting out building credit or trying to improve your…

Taliyah Blake

I write about some of the ups and downs of my everyday life as a young business student trying to maintain relationships, schooling, career, finances, etc.!

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